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Social Security

By working, in addition to contributing to your Social Security Retirement, most people who work also have a deduction in their payroll called FICA (Federal Insurance Contributions Act). These deductions make you eligible for Social Security Disability benefits should you ever be unable to work because of illness or injury. One of the best resources for finding out more information on the law is at Social Security’s website at


To be eligible you must have worked long enough to be insured, and have a condition that limits your ability to work for at least 12 months. If you believe that you are eligible, you should contact your local Social Security office or apply through the website. Unfortunately, the reality is that many people who are entitled to benefits will be turned down in the first instance. Therefore, if you decide to appeal your case to a hearing before a Social Security judge, it is best to go with a lawyer who has experience.  


At the Orloski Law Firm, our lawyers have that experience, and can help you at any stage of the process. Our lawyers are able to appeal denials online through Social Security’s website, and once your case is appealed, have access to your entire claim folder through Social Security’s secure website.  


There are also benefits referred to as SSI, which stands for Supplemental Security Income. Unlike regular Social Security disability, to be eligible for SSI, you are not required to have a long work history and must meet certain financial criteria. To apply for SSI, you must contact your local Social Security office. You cannot apply for SSI benefits on the Internet.  


Just like with regular Social Security benefits, many people are turned down because Social Security determines their medical condition is not severe enough. If you get turned down for SSI, you should contact a lawyer at the Orloski Law Firm for help. 


Private- or Employer-Provided
Disability Insurance Policies


It is possible to purchase insurance policies that will pay a portion of your lost wages in the event that you become disabled due to an illness or injury.


Many employers offer both Short and Long Term Disability insurance as part of their benefit plans. These insurance policies pay a portion of your wages if you become unable to work. To be eligible for these benefits, you must meet the criteria specified in the insurance policy. These policies can vary wildly by employer or by the insurance company issuing the policy.


If this coverage is provided through your employer, then not only must the insurance company comply with the language of the policy, but it must also comply with a federal law referred to as "ERISA". If you believe that the insurance company handling your disability claim is not treating you fairly, you should contact one of the lawyers at the Orloski Law Firm immediately.